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Consulting & Assessment


Over time, issues can emerge, performance problems, inefficiencies, unintended information silos, and security gaps can take form. At times, it can be difficult for an organization to clearly see issues that need to be addressed in their technology infrastructure.


Without an objective outside perspective, it is often difficult to know where to strategically invest your limited IT resources. Stratus has developed structured consulting and assessment processes to identify strengths and weakness in your computer systems, and offer recommendations for the future.


Our assessments are based on industry leading best practices, and we apply not only our technology and industry expertise but also Stratus specialized tools and processes. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive comprehensive documentation detailing our findings and an in-depth, professional consultation to discuss our findings and recommendations.



Strategy Development


In this digital age, technology has never been so crucial to driving business success. Technology is key to the rapid and efficient creation of new business models, products and services.  It is also critical in the enhancement of existing services and products by providing deeper, more accessible and more rewarding customer experiences. As such, businesses need to develop the right technology strategy for success.


Stratus can assist you in the development of an agile technology strategy focused on supporting your interim and long -term business goals.  We can help you examine how emerging technology can help enable your strategy and develop an accompanying technology roadmap and gap analysis aimed at identifying the major architectural changes required to implement your strategy.



Ideation & Proof of Concept


Ideation – the generation of ideas – plays a key role in IT organizations determining which are the correct technology solutions for their company regardless of current trends.  This process can make the difference between selecting a product or technology that is not suited to your environment and implementing technology that drives value by solving your business problems and propels your company forward.


Our ideation process is successful only with a complete understanding of the problem, the industry, and the unaddressed needs of your customers or employees. It combines the technical aspects of the problem, the creative solution process, and the injection of practical business knowledge to arrive at the informed “big idea” that will ultimately result in a set of potential solutions.


Our experienced Consulting Engineers can guide you through the ideation process and the accompanying Proof of Concept phase to evaluate competitive solutions to your business problems.



Quick Starts & Sandbox Deployments


Once selection has been made as to the technology stack or solution, the next step is to introduce the technology into your environment quickly and efficiently in either a rapid deployment scenario, “Quick Start”, or a Sandbox Deployment which allows you to explore the capabilities and benefits of the selected platform in a pre-production environment.


Stratus has extensive experience in designing and implementing both Quick Start and Sandbox Deployment Solutions which are geared towards introducing new technology into your environment and staging it for introduction into your production workflows.



Implementation & Support


Our clients rely on us to provide independent advice and expertise utilizing our proven, structured, mentored approach to technology implementation and support.  Our solutions delivery team is a highly-experienced group that constantly researches the latest innovations and technology advances to reduce risk and maximize the return on every investment.


Our team works as an extension of your technology organization to ensure the timely, efficient and accurate deployment of your technology investment.  In addition, we can provide ongoing support to your organization in the form of wither onsite dedicated resident engineering, retainer based on-demand services, or remote managed-service maintenance and support offerings.



Staffing Solutions


Stratus provides talent solutions for temporary engineering roles through to expert project teams provisioning. Our workforce solutions team develops customized staffing solutions to fulfill your needs and requirements.


We employ thorough procedures and careful consideration to guarantee the best talent and most experienced candidates for every requirement. Multi-level resource assessment and skills evaluation ensures the most qualified candidates are being deployed in support of your IT staff augmentation requirements.


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