Stratus Technology Services, LLC (STS) is a provider of innovative information technology services and solutions that are completely focused on client success. At STS it is our uncompromising commitment to extraordinary people implementing defined and proven technology and operations methodologies, that allow for the delivery of the right solution for our client critical business needs every time.

STS' model of service excellence has provided for timely, cost effective and accurate solutions for large and small clients on a nationwide basis since 2001. At STS we are a leader in the new economy which demands strategic partners who are agile, focused and completely engaged.


Stratus Technology Services (STS) announces the expansion of its services into operations solutions for the financial services industry

Stratus has developed an excellent methodology for delivering results for clients; it requires strong up front management efforts. Stratus’s aim for Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a customer-focused approach to service delivery.
Stratus Technology Services Project Solutions leverages exceptional people to deliver technology solutions that address real business needs, controls costs and optimizes performance and quality.
Stratus recognizes the criticality of diversity in staffing to improving the success of your organization. We offer various programs to foster diversity throughout all aspects of your workplace environment.