Case Study – How Stratus ensures Business Value and Continuous Improvement with its Clients

By Rafael Moreira, Meyvannan Varadharajan & Garima Goel

Problem Statement:

WCSTAT Initial Report Batch process generates the WCSTAT files with Incident only claims which gets reported to the WCIRB system resulting in the following errors from the Bureau for the client causing regulatory incompliance:

  • Invalid Injury Code (Injury Type)
  • Invalid Vocational Rehabilitation Indicator

Proposed Solution:

After Root Cause Analysis, it was identified to provide a code fix to the web service call preventing to report the Incident Only claims via the WCSTAT files getting submitted to WCIRB. So, WCSTAT Initial Report Batch process will not pick the incident only claims resulting to fix the root cause.

Understanding As-Is Architecture/Flow:

Understanding Proposed Architecture/Flow:

#ValueLeap – Business Value Delivered

  • The first set of WCSTAT files submitted to WCIRB are accepted and not causing any regression issues (Invalid Injury code and Invalid Vocational Rehabilitation Indicator).
  • Ensuring Insurance Carrier’s regulatory compliance with WCIRB.
  • Saving Team’s manual effort of creating correction files to fix the errors caused after the first submission.
  • Reducing the Insurance Carrier’s error count in the Quarterly Business Review with the Bureau.
  • Delivering Happy Client!

Meet the Authors

Rafael Moreira

SVP, Global Delivery, Stratus Global Technology Services

Meyvannan Varadharajan

Lead Guidewire Developer

Garima Goel

Associate SVP, Program Delivery, Stratus Global Technology Services