Case Study – How we continue to drive Business Value and Thought Leadership with our Clients

By Rafael Moreira, Srinivas Nellutla & Garima Goel

Problem Statement: Portal Middleware is sending emails for Business scenarios as listed below:

  • Profile change
  • Mailing address change
  • Service request
  • Document upload for policy
  • FNOL confirmation
  • Document upload for claim
  • Any other specific scenario

Proposed Solution: Move Middleware logic to Guidewire

  • To eliminate the maintenance and monitoring efforts of Middleware
  • To reduce multiple service calls to perform single functions like for profile change, mailing address change and FNOL confirmation etc.

Understanding Architecture/Flow:

Design Review - As Is vs. Proposed

Context Diagram:

#ValueLeap – Business Value Delivered

  • One extra point of failure removed from Portal emails
  • Saving effort being spent on maintaining and monitoring the middleware
  • Improved process efficiency by removing the multiple service calls
  • Efficient tracking of portal emails made possible due to Guidewire messaging queue implementation

Meet the Authors

Rafael Moreira

SVP, Global Delivery, Stratus Global Technology Services

Srinivas Nellutla

Lead Guidewire Digital Portal Developer

Garima Goel

Associate SVP, Program Delivery, Stratus Global Technology Services