Analytics, DevOps,Data & Cloud

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Accelerate & Scale Your Business with Cloud

Let our Stratus experienced cloud architects design and build a migration plan so you can seamlessly move your infrastructure to the cloud.

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Customized Analytics Solutions & Beyond

At Stratus, we go beyond traditional big data sources and technologies to offer the application of high-volume, real-time data analytics to data center and IT infrastructure operations.

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Collaboration of Operations & Development Engineers

We bring together our impressive roster of development and operations engineers to lead you through the entire lifecycle of your project – from design and development through to production support.

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A Focus on Efficient Coding, Data Management & Strategy

It’s not just the technology that matters; it’s ensuring the proper adoption of advanced technology – utilizing proper deployment processes and best practices, along with focusing the application of those technologies to solving business problems and implementing meaningful governance.

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Free Your Developers to Do Their Best Work

Our Managed DevOps Service is a fully-managed service designed to help you architect, implement, maintain, and optimize a DevOps process that best fits your business needs and goals.

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Take Back Your Time

We’ll help you redirect corporate energies so your team can focus on their core skills and product delivery, rather than IT burn.

Industry-Leading Delivery

We're known for delivering our proven systems and processes quickly and efficiently.

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Complete Data Offerings

Offering everything you need to ensure peace of mind, lower costs, and increase revenue.

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Investment in Talent

We proactively invest in quality talent who possesses specific skill sets – both on and offshore.

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Key Features

Business Intelligence

Extracting insights from your data in order to make better informed decisions about the direction of your company and your projects

Data Visualization

Translating large data sets into charts and other visuals that make it easier to spot and share real-time trends and insights

Database Performance Tuning

Managing your databases to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible and minimizing query response times

Data Warehousing

Maintaining a library of historical data that can be retrieved and analyzed to inform business decision-making

Assessment & Design

Programming, testing and implementing the requirements of your mobile app

Custom Development

Creation of custom applications that fit with your existing business software ecosystem

Application Migration

Relocating software applications to capitalize on improved cost structures and scalability

Delivery Expertise

Centered on Microsoft and Java/Open Source, and includes on and offshore delivery capabilities

Application Transformation

Moderning your software by taking existing legacy apps into a cloud-native architecture

Legacy Enablement

Keeping the legacy application running while converting it into a newer, more efficient code


Offering automated scripting and development, server provisioning and validation, and alert generation and response

Server Virtualization

Dividing a physical server into multiple and unique isolated servers so each can run independently

Definition & Adoption

Improving the scalability of database capabilities while reducing cost and risk

Readiness Assessment

Examining your apps and data to ensure they can be moved with minimal impact

Infrastructure Consulting

On-demand delivery of server, storage, networking and database solutions

Program Governance

Creating a framework that guides best practices for making use of cloud services

Why Stratus?

We offer access to valuable data-driven resources – including an impressive pool of highly-skilled subject matter experts – at a lower cost than in-house sourcing, resulting in increased profitability through both cost savings and revenue enhancements.

Data Information Capabilities

Equipped to establish, enable and sustain organizational data structures and strategies

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Faster Delivery Times

Offering increased organizational agility and speed for shorter ramp up and closeout times

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Stability & Flexibility

Ensuring your infrastructure is as responsive as possible to meet changing market conditions

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Ways to Work With Us

Stratus enables P&C, Life and Health carriers to transform and modernize their technology landscape to stand out in the modern marketplace. With a consultative approach, our technology and business experts ensure you’re planning, enhancing, and supporting your technology investments effectively and efficiently. Stratus offers scalable, hybrid solutions such as Professional Staffing Services, Managed Services, Project Services and Technology Consulting powered by our offshore delivery center.

Professional Services

Whether you're looking for key individuals or a full team, Stratus brings you better people. Our staffing solutions are vetted by subject matter experts and have access to the same training as our development team.

Managed Services

A flexible model that “keeps the lights on” and provides care and feeding to your full-service platform by keeping the system operating as it should. We also include bug fixes and ongoing problem solving.

Project Services

Addresses software problems, massive upgrades or building in additional capacity on a one-time, project basis.

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