Case Study – Stratus continues to deliver Happy Guidewire Clients

By Midhilesh Thokachichu & Garima Goel

What are Duplicate Checks?

When a check is created for the same payee and with the same amount as other checks that already exists on a claim, then the newly created check is considered as a duplicate check.

Problem Statement:

Duplicate checks when exist on a claim, it will get processed like a non-duplicate check and hence there is probability to pay the claimant/vendor (Payee) more than once. So, the ClaimCenter needs a way to identify the duplicate checks that are being created on a claim and get them approved by the Supervisor (of the assigned Claim Adjuster) before processing them.

Proposed Solution:

Enhanced the ClaimCenter financials functionality and created a new workflow to monitor the duplicate checks without changing the existing OOTB workflow which validates the authority limits of the check created by the user. Now the both the workflows can co-exist and ensure that the payments made on a claim are accurate and not duplicate.

Implemented Solution Workflow:

#ValueLeap – Business Value Delivered

  • Enhanced the ClaimCenter financials functionality to make sure that the payments being made are accurate, seamless and efficient.
  • Eliminate the risk of making a payment that has already been done.
  • Saving the effort and time of manually analysing duplicate payments after they are processed in ClaimCenter
  • Supervisors will be notified of the payments that are being made on a claim.
  • Delivering Happy Client saving time and cost.

Meet the Authors

Midhilesh Thokachichu

Guidewire Developer

Garima Goel

Associate SVP, Program Delivery, Stratus Global Technology Services