Metaverse - The Gateway to a Virtual World

By Vijay Yadav

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been the mechanism to combine real and virtual worlds to provide an immersive user experience. User has to use the specially designed headsets to experience the VR/AR created environment. However, the experience has been limited to as watching the virtual world from outside.

Metaverse is an emerging concept which will provide the mechanism to become the part of virtual world i.e., Users will be able to enter the virtual world with their digital Avatars and interact with their virtual surroundings. Consider the scenario of attending a meeting as digital Avatar with your colleagues while physically sitting in your home. There are many Use Cases like attending a concert or sport event, shopping at retail store or attending classes can be achieved while physically away.

While it will take time before the objectives of Metaverse are met completely, many organizations have already started building solutions around it. For example, Travis Scott (American Rapper) held a virtual concert in video game Fortnite or Microsoft working on a feature for Teams called Mesh, which will allow the people in different physical locations to connect in virtual meeting room and experience the vibe of physical meeting. Social media giant Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is moving aggressively to implement Metaverse solutions to provide real-life experience in virtual world. This is evident from the Mark Zuckerberg address at Connect 2021 posted below.

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